We strive to be the most trusted global media as we uplift the world through compassion, responsibility, and hope.


  • Truth
  • Humanity and Traditional Values
  • Hope and Responsibility for the Future
Epoch Media Group (EMG) is a New York based global news and media company with uniquely positioned assets. It is also Epoch at the forefront of digital and SNS publishing.
EMG aims to produce the highest quality content, across multiple content platforms, in 21 languages, to meet the diverse demand of our growing audience.

EMG has the following main brands

EET (The English edition of Epoch Times) launched in September 2003 on the web, and in August 2004 as a newspaper in New York. It meets a growing need for news reported and published independently, uncovering stories that have depth and meaning to people.
ENTD was founded in 2001 and has become one of the biggest digital video news and entertainment publishers today. We create and curate content drawing a loyal audience of entrepreneurial, next-generation thought-leaders who believe in creating inspiration and change for others.
DKN started in 2015 in Vietnamese and is the one of top sites in Vietnam.
Epoch Times (Chinese) and NTDTV (New Tang Dynasty Television, Chinese) provide the truly independent print news and television programs for Chinese people worldwide. Started urgently in 2000 and 2001 to counteract Chinese government censorship and propaganda, Epoch Times (Chinese) and NTDTV have grown to become the largest Chinese-language media outside of mainland China and Taiwan
EMG SNS (Facebook Pages), started in 2015