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Chinese Market Web

Offering: Versatile multimedia website based on new technologies; existing website assessment, SEO, web listing on business information platforms.

Website builders will create a versatile multimedia website to establish your web property.

PageFuel creates professional responsive websites that works seamlessly across different digital interfaces, this will also support responsive content that can be dynamically updated. As digital users increase exponentially, our user-friendly web products will increase your company’s consumer engagement.

Chinese Market Branding

Brand Assessment | Brand Planning | Brand Design

Through professional brand assessment, planning, and creation, designers will help you create your brand identity.

BrandFuel will help you enforce a cohesive brand identity, leading to effective communication with your targeted audience and a positive brand image.

Media Production

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Content Development

Editorial | Photography | Video Production

Full-service, in-house content development and media production. Big Apple Studio, Epoch Media Group’s subsidiary, is the world’s first 4k virtual set facility. Post-production services in the form of editing, color correction, and 2D and 3D design. We support live and taped TV show production using our virtual set studio, and are the world’s first 4k virtual set facility.


Analysts use cloud data to track users, analyze marketing effectiveness, and decipher user behavior.

• Professionally analyze, digitally interpret user behavior • Diverse, multi-dimensional live tracking technology CloudFuel provides professional care for your every marketing initiative, making every marketing clue trackable and providing for clients professional advice in ad delivery, search marketing, content marketing, and social marketing.

CloudFuel data analysis reports include: • Integrated advertising performance report • Integrated platform content marketing performance report • Social media user behavior analysis • Trending internet keywords/topics and insights

Ad & Social

Print | Television | Programmatic | Facebook | YouTube

Integrated marketing, content marketing, and social media solutions across our branded traditional and digital properties.

Photo & Video

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Combined Numbers of All Campiagns


17.4M People Reached

99% Positive Sentiment

232K Social Engagements

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Combined Numbers of All Campiagns

15.8M People Reached


561K Social Engagements

99% Positive Sentiment


Combined Numbers of All Campiagns


8.1M People Reached

99% Positive Sentimentv

723K Social Engagements


Combined Numbers of All Campiagns


4.65M People Reached

99% Positive Sentiment

219K Social Engagements


Campaign in Progress


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